Activities related to industrial construction

The modern and dynamic economy predisposes favorable conditions for industrial construction – construction of warehouses, halls, workshops, residential buildings and other construction sites.

How does industrial construction differ from housing construction?

When you think of industrial construction, don’t think of my driveway or my roof or even the construction of a new house upstairs. Think big. Think en masse

Industrial construction is a specific form of construction that requires expert and specialized professionals. The design and construction of large, small and medium-sized industries requires engineers to adopt appropriate techniques, modern technologies and the best of resources. This is one of the biggest reasons for our industrial customers to deal with us. From the creation of the perfect plans for their projects to their implementation in accordance with the budget, preferences and time of the client, the ECM team does everything possible to offer excellent services for industrial construction.

С какво можем да ви бъдем полезни?

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